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    The Algarve  

Portugal’s southern;most region is blessed with an almost tropical climate, comparable with California or North Africa, and boasts over 3,000 hours of annual sunshine.
Long sandy beaches and rugged rocky coves provide a treasure trove of enticing bathing spots and some splendid walks or rambles along almost a hundred miles of glorious coastline. Kaleidoscopic colours abound, from the shimmering turquoise ocean splashing onto golden beaches, over fantastic time-eroded sandstone cliffs, :luscious green fairways and meadows tinged pink by magnificent magenta sunsets.

The natural hospitality of the Algarveans is a legacy of the 500 year Moorish occupation of the region, complemented by a pleasing and relaxing lack of urgency in day to day life!
   The Algarve is a land of paradox, where one moment you’ll see a wizened, sun-wrinkled elder leading a donkey and cart to the market and the next you’ll enter a beautiful leisure complex or a majestic marina. The beach lover will find oiler sixty easily accessible beaches plus dozens more which offer a more challenging point of entry!
   The nature lover can spot over 300 different species of bird, either resident or regular visitors and a veritable explosion of colour amidst the region’s flora arid fauna.

  The sports enthusiast will rejoice in a superb array of golf courses, tennis courts, lawn bowls, clay pigeon shooting, athletics, microlight flying and a multitude of watersports all along the coast.
   The connoisseur of fine wines and good food will be made welcome in many a convivial bar and restaurant with a thirst quenching drink and a mouthwatering meal.
   For children, rock pools and their occupants provide endless hours or fun, so will a splendid variety of Aquatic Parks, all with miles of twisting, turning, splashing, sliding fun! The charm of the Algarve lies in its endearing blend of quaint simplicity and warm sophistication.
Algarve Food & Wine , Nightlife & Shopping

To travel anywhere in southern Europe and not take a giant leap into its vast culinary culture would be almost sinful, and no less so in the Algarve where, quite apart from the high quality international cuisine to be found in almost every resort, a whole range of traditional specialities awaits the approval of your taste-buds. From simple soups to country feasts, from delicious charcoal grilled fish to succulent meats, and from juicy, vitamin loaded oranges to irresistible cakes and pastries the southernmost region of Portugal promises you an unforgettable culinary journeys one
that will be very kind on your pocket too



Whether you find yourself in the biggest town or the tiniest village, the trendiest resort or beside the ocean, the Algarve boasts a marvellous array of eating places. Informal chicken restaurants where the mood is noisy, friendly and relaxed. Rustic, country diners with traditional dishes. Beach-side eateries with their sparkling display of fresh fish and other fine culinary treasures from the sea. And seafood specialists known as a marisqueira, where superb shell fish demands an ice cold draft
beer or vinho verde (green wine) as accompaniment.

From Vila Real in the east to Sagres in the west you will find a fantastic range of international caissons too, including Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Moroccan as well as many delightful European flavours.

Local Specialities

Fish or meat? As you delve into the Algarve’S rich gastronomy it is so hard to choose! So try both! Scrumptious local fish dishes can be found everywhere,including charcoal grilled fish like bass, bream and mullet, or of course, the ubiquitous Sardine! Fish specialities include: Arroz de Marisco, a rice stew with every type of shell fish available in the market plus chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander.
Bacalhau corn Natas is Portugal’s most popular fish, cod, fried with onions, baked in the oven with a white cream sauce and diced potatoes. And the wonderfully tasty Cataplana, which variously involves an exquisite mixture of prawns. Shrimps, crab,clams, pork filet, lean bacon, tomatoes, herbs and seasoning and is served in a big copper pan resembling a clam!

Popular meat dishes include Bife a Portuguesa, sirloin topped with smoked ham on a bed of potatoes and cooked in a clay dish; Came de porco a Alentelafla delicious fried cubes of pork and cockles partially cooked together with a tomato and onion sauce. And then there’s the ever popular Frango piri-piri~ charcoal grilled pieces of chicken basted with special ingredients including a mixture of hot chilli sauce and olive oil.
If you’ve a sweet tooth, the temptation will be impossible to resist Don’t miss MoIotOV, an unbelievably light, flu~ creation made from egg whites, sugar and lemon juice Pastels de nata are small custard type cakes, and you’ll find an amazing variety of other creamy cakes and desserts at almost every turn!

Cafes & Cake Shops
Even in the heart of the countryside you wilt seldom be far from a paste/erIa where cakes and pastries are made on site. This is the place to join your Portuguese hosts as they indulge in the national obsession for coffee. Try a strong expresso or bica or a meia de leite which is milky coffee. The choice is endless! Most cafés offer a lunch menu too, always with a superb value dish of the day or prato dodIa of three courses costing about the same as a sandwich at home!

Unknown to many, Portugal has an extraordinary abundance of superb wines,produced in around a dozen wine growing regions from north to south. Prices in bottle shops and supermarkets wilt instantly catch your eye, and even in restaurants, a well chosen selection makes little impact on the bitt! Most restaurants only stock Portuguese wines, and there is always a vinho de casa or house wine, red and white. Vinho verde,
green wine, is a deliciously light and fresh wine, slightly sparkling, that can be white or red and makes the idea! summer accompaniment to fish or chicken. White, pink or red sparkling wines, or espumante, are equally refreshing, especially as an aperitif. Quality at a reasonable price is the hallmark of light to full-bodied wines from the northern regions Dão, Bairrada and Douro, whilst the Atentejo region, closest to the Atgarve,
produces excellent reds and whites, notably Borba, Redondo, Reguengos and Vidigueira.

Normal shopping hours are from 9~am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. However, this can vary enormously. Larger supermarkets are generally open seven days a week,normally until ~pm or later. Two fabulous shopping malls, in Faro and in Guia, near Atbufeira, offer enormous hypermarkets, and over 100 stores open until midnight during the summer months. They also have multi-screen cinemas and bowling alleys open until even later! In the resorts and towns street stalls and souvenir shops add colour to the surroundings, with great value trinkets and gifts. Superb leather goods are abundant, from handbags to shoes and clothing. Lace goods and hand painted pottery are also hugely popular everywhere, and each town has its own regular market day, where local vendors and artisans offer their goods.

One of the beauties of this delightfully easy-going region is that you can seek out peace and quiet whenever you want it, perhaps dedicating your evenings to relaxed dinners in the company of good friends and a glass of wine, yet a vibrant, cosmopolitan nighttife is never that far away either. Deluxe resort developments like Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo offer sophisticated restaurants and nightclubs of their own ilk. Villamoura has its splendid Casino, with nightly floor shows and the gaming rooms, plus the beautiful Marina with waterside cafés, bars and eating places. In most resorts, like Villamoura, Praia da Oura, Albufeira, Carvoeiro, Rocha and Lagos you’ll find a blend of friendly, family fun-pubs, town squares or promenades with live entertainment and street performers, buzzing music bars, and an eclectic mix of dance-tit-dawn night spots for the dedicated dubber! In the Algarve, the nightlife is as near or as distant as you would like it to be!




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